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We are an award-winning industrial design consultancy based in Seoul, Korea. We develop bold ideas into viable experiences with an intense passion for creative problem solving. Our unique set of in-house resources and industry-leading partnerships, allow us to tackle the most advanced challenges.



Fearless curiosity is what drives our creative energy. We are a team of open-minded individuals, that share multiple perspectives and expertise. Together we discover challenging insights in strategy, branding and the user experience. 



We equip ourselves with the resources necessary for implementing and measuring the feasibility and viability of every idea. We believe early prototyping and real-world testing is the key, not only to refining every detail, but also to cut through the often ambiguous cloud of solution discovery.



Our capacity for product design and development is amplified by the key partnerships we share. From durable prototypes and meticulously detailed mockups to limited series part production, our partners achieve industry leading results. 


2006 - 2011

Red Dot awards

Red Dot Concept awards 

Korea Color of Design Award 
ID Magazine Annual Award



iF awards (3)
GD Korea

2013 - 2014

IDEA awards Gold
Red Dot awards

GD Korea


2015 - 2016

iF awards Gold

IDEA award
GD Japan

GD Korea (2)


2017 - 2018

iF awards (2)

Red Dot awards
IDEA award Silver

GD Japan (4)

GD Korea (2)



iF awards

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