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We believe, having a deep understanding of each step of the product development process, produces higher quality products, with greater convenience while reducing risk. This is why we have partnered with a collection of product development and prototyping experts under one roof.







Partners lab is the space where customers may find the integrated services with suitable solutions on the parts for their product designing or production. Advanced diverse manufacturing technologies, such as high precision CNC machining and latest additive manufacturing with SLS for plastic and DMLS for metal, allow us to provide our customers with more value in fast turnaround time.











More importantly, ANTS is also becoming known as a diverse-services-provider with different capabilities that includes manufacture of 3d-printed metal prototypes out of the latest DMSL technology and strength in finish treatment techniques, which obviously offers a wider range of options in design application and saves turnaround time as well. ANTS also makes continuous efforts to source out new materials so that customers stay one step ahead of design trends.



We are here.


CNC MC (3-axis)

FANUCRobodrill α-D21LiA5
DMG MoriDMC 650V
DMG MoriDMC 850V

DMG MoriMAX3000

CNC MC (5-axis)

DMG MoriDMU 50
DMG MoriHSC 70 Linear Motor


CNC Turn Mill

DMG MoriNLX 2000/500
DoosanLynx 220LMA

3-Dimensional Measurement


Tool PresetDMG

MoriUNO20/40 Auto Focus1

3D Printer 

EOS GmbHEOS P 396 (Polymer)
EOS GmbHEOS M 290 (Metal)

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