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Energy Gauge
Client : Invigo

Vigo is the first wearable device to quantify your alertness. With this data, Vigo can do cool things like nudge you when you’re dozing off or give you recommendations about when to take efficient breaks. With Vigo, staying alert and maintaining your best condition has never been easier. Vigo tracks patterns in your blinks and in your body's movement to quantify alertness in real time. The idea is simple - although your brain has a tendency to trick you into thinking you’re mentally fit enough to keep pushing on with your daily business, your body can’t hide when you’re tired. With an infrared sensor, an accelerometer, and a clever algorithm, Vigo knows you’re drowsy before you do.

Vigo starts logging data about your alertness the moment you put the device on, and doesn’t stop until you take it off. The companion app visualizes the important information about your alertness in a simple, useful way to allow you to see patterns and make changes in your routine. Maybe you’re more drowsy on weekday afternoons, or maybe you’re in a better state in the evenings than mornings. Vigo helps you understand yourself better so you can plan your day accordingly.

Prototyping and simulation.




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