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Air X balances diverse functionality within a comfortably minimal design. The iconic open disk lamp head, allows passive airflow to reduce LED temperatures. The multi joint arm allows the lamp to be adjusted for any number of lighting applications.

Q1 is a dental voice guide to help consistent brushing on each parts of the mouth. Gently press the button when brushing teeth for dental voice guide and it will help ensure recommended brushing time. When the voice guide begins, the beeping sound will continue during the brushing process and when finished brushing, the voice will indicate when to move on for more consistent cleaning.

South Korea delivery conditions

In Korea’s delivery market, there are 4 major parcel companies. Koreapost, CJ,  LOGEN and Hanjin. By researching their loading chute, over 70%  delivery trucks were Hyundai Porter(1-ton). Also the size of the market is over 1300 million And growing.

Conditions of commercial truck drivers

Observing 4 different delivery men(from 4different major parcel companies) for a week, in their vehicle, they needed something to organize their supplies. Delivery men works by driving average 10 hours a day and naturally the truck becomes a mess and un-organized. Also, organizers and cradles to keep things ordered in the car doesn’t fit well because of the different sitting position and commercial interiors. The belongings are also far from sedan drivers. They carry certain stationary to deliver and maintenance boxes. 

Supplies needed in delivery

Researching 30 different delivery men in four different major parcel companies, made a standard of supplies they carry on their truck. 

Priority level of supplies

By interviewing 5 delivery men and a week of observation, the priority of items were fixed. The main issue of priority are, ‘how often does the driver reach for the item’ and ‘how often(or how important) is the item (used) in delivery environments’.

Organizing space

3of 4 delivery men fold the extra seat to use the cup holder and storage space. There is a large space wasted between the instrument panel and the extra seat. The driver can reach for this space easily and other commercial trucks like Kia Bongo also has this space. 

Analysis through various ways.
(Quick 1:1 scale paper prototype verification / Rotation of rough 3D modeling and sketching)

Organizing Supplies in an appropriate order

The main issue was to design the organizer to help easily and conveniently organize delivery supplies. Also delivery men has their own way of organizing and making delivery conditions more convenient. So it was important not to pressure the user to organize their supplies in a completely different way even though it’s much better. So setting a simple order and letting the user to put things freely was the main point of design. Every section of the organizer is designed to be used in various ways.




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